Fast Forward to the Future

Advanced Materials Manufacturing is reinventing metal with the introduction of Composite Metal Foam, a high performance yet low weight metallic material prepared to revolutionize industries

3 Times Lighter Weight

100 Times Higher Impact Energy Absorption

7+ Times Longer Fire Protection

4 Times Higher X-Ray and Neutron Radiation Shielding


Advanced Materials Manufacturing

Advanced Materials Manufacturing’s technology provides lightweight materials that can save energy, the planet, and human life.

AMM is the sole manufacturer and supplier of CMF and is bringing this revolutionary metallic material to global markets.

Composite Metal Foam

Composite Metal Foam (CMF) is a new branch of metallic materials developed to be as strong as steel yet as lightweight as aluminum. CMF consists of a combination of hollow metal spheres trapped inside a metal matrix and can be made out of any metal, alloy, or combination. CMF can be fine-tuned per application, optimizing for both chemical and physical performance.

This Slate video displays a bullet impact from a 7.62 round. The impact left only an 8 mm indent, 5.5 times less than the standard 44 mm indent. This smaller indent is due to the energy-absorbing characteristics inherent in CMF's structure.